Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make payments?

Certified Cashier funds, M/C, AMEX, VISA, Cash or Payment Online.

When am I expected to pay for my move?

The Georgia Public Service Commission regulation states that, “you are expected to pay for the move before your goods are unloaded”, so in turn we will require you to pay us before the unloading process. To see the GPSC booklet, click here.

How will the total charges be calculated?

The actual cost of relocation will be determined by multiplying the quoted hourly rate by the number of hours worked.

How do you charge for partial hours?

The last hour of your move will be prorated in 15-minute increments.

Do you disconnect and reconnect appliances?

We will move any appliances from the original location and place them where they need to be placed at the new location. However, we DO NOT provide appliance services. Should disconnecting and reconnecting be needed, your sales consultant can make those arrangements with a 3rd party service.

Can I leave things in the drawers?

YES, you can leave all articles of clothing or non-breakable / non-valuable items in the drawers. The drawers will be secured shut. It is suggested to empty drawers (or pack them very lightly) in furniture that is fragile or old of age (such as antiques, particle board, etc.)

Do all my boxes need to be sealed?

Yes. All moving boxes should be closed and taped shut! For best results, all moving boxes should be packed FULL, taking care to wrap breakables. Please identify fragile boxes.

What if we have bad weather on move day?

We will complete the move if at all possible. G.T Moving Co. WILL NOT be responsible for soiling of carpets due to wet or muddy conditions. However, floor runners will be used as a precaution.

Will my household goods be placed on a truck with someone else's items?

NO. G.T Moving Co. provides exclusive use of your own moving truck for the duration of your move.

Is tipping mandatory?

NO! Our crewmembers are prohibited from asking for a tip. However, like any service industry, gratuities for a JOB WELL DONE are greatly appreciated.

Why G.T. Moving?

  • Licensed, Certified, and Insured
  • We Move 7 Days a Week
  • Nationwide Transportation Services
  • Clean and Well-Maintained Trucks
  • Same Day Telephone Quotes
  • Free On-Site Quotes by Appointment

Contact Us

Phone: 678-757-3629

Fax: 678-827-0581

Email: [email protected]

Payment Options

We accept all credit cards as well as certified check and money order.

Licenses & Credentials:

  • USDOT# 1956195
  • GPSC# 500935
  • MC# 739575